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On the Camino

In our “On the Camino” section we’ve got you covered.

This section has everything you need to know while actually on the Camino – and all the things you’ll need to bring with you. All the essential information and details are here.

Browse through each page to find out more, or look below to get a sense of what kind of stuff we’ve got.

On the Camino – across the meseta. 

The Trail

I’ve read and heard a lot of descriptions of the Camino de Santiago by other people, but I’ve rarely heard or seen a description of the actual trail. What will you be walking on? I’ve included descriptions of the different parts of the trail so you get a better idea.


Albergues are essentially hostels for pilgrims. You can find at least one in virtually every town along the Camino. If you’re walking as a more traditional-style pilgrim you’ll probably be spending quite a few nights in albergues – this page will give you all the info you need.


For many people hiking the Camino, the elevations are the most challenging part of the walk. None of the mountains climbed are difficult or in any way technically challenging, but if you’ve got any asthma, joint problems, back problems, etc., this is where you will most likely feel the burn.


Lots of tips and tricks on what gear to take with you on the Camino. Info about how to get your pack weight down, what to save money on and when to splurge.


Learn about which languages are used on the Camino and some quick Camino vocabulary.


Food is your fuel on the Camino. Find out all about how to keep your engine running – and how to do it deliciously.


The Camino de Santiago is very safe. You are more likely to get hit by a car or sprain your ankle than anything else, but this page will give you pointers on how to avoid all kinds of pitfalls.

a friend on the camino

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