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The Pathfinder Package


The Pathfinder package is free during winter & spring 2018

What is the Pathfinder Package?

A one hour consultation over Skype (or whatever service you prefer) to give you help getting your pack weight down, gear recommendations specially for you, help arranging transportation to St. Jean, and follow-up emails/discussions as necessary. 

Have a superheavy pack?

Have you looked through all the packing lists online, got all your gear together and realized it will weigh waaaaay too much? With just a short consultation, I can help you choose what gear is essential and what you can chuck to keep your pack comfy and light. Many things can be bought or replenished on the way. How cold will the albergues really be? If you bring everything on the list, then you won’t be able to carry your pack. What’s a girl to do? I can help you go through and make choices that make sense for YOU and ensure you’ll have everything you’ll need on the trail. This consultation is completely individualized, so we’ll go over what’s important to *you* and make sure your pack is a safe and comfortable weight.

The right gear - for YOU

A walkthrough of all your gear and stuff to make sure you have the essentials and to whittle down your weight (if necessary).

Learn from a pilgrim

An individualized consultation over Skype or in person. You can ask me anything about the Camino – even stuff you’re embarassed to ask in forums!


All the tips & tricks

A list of my personal favourite albergues along the route – with reviews. All the best tips and tricks on the Camino – advice on local phone packages, local food to order when you’re tired of pilgrim fare, etc.

Get there without hassle

Help arranging transportation to St. Jean and accommodation for the first few days.

Helping you find your way to Santiago

How to get there!

I can also help you to pick places to stay and ways to get to the start of the route in St. Jean. If the best place isn’t available, where can you stay that’s still comfortable and inexpensive. Getting to the route can also be a challenge – especially if you are arriving from an unusual departure point. I’ll be able in our consultation to provide numbers and names of services that will get you to St. Jean in one piece.

Gear choices

Not sure if you should get a poncho or a rain jacket? Having a hard time deciding which pack to get? Not sure which of the 300 features are most important for the Camino? Tried 16 types of shoes and none feel good? Worried about blisters? I’ve done the Camino with crappy gear lots of times so you don’t have to! I can help you find the right gear for your budget and body-type.

The Camino isn’t like most wilderness-style hikes and the gear you need can be quite different. There’s lots of little things you may not think you need until you’re a week into the trek. Don’t let a salesperson at the local hiking shop convince you to buy something that you don’t need.  I’m not selling you the gear so you know my advice is totally focused on getting you the best stuff for you for the Camino.


The Pathfinder package is FREE for winter & spring 2018 only.

a friend on the camino

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