A Friend on the Camino

a helping hand on the camino frances

Start off on the right foot.

You CAN walk the Camino de Santiago. Yes, really, you can do it! We’re here to help you achieve your dreams of completing the Frances route of the Camino de Santiago as a ‘traditional walking pilgrim’. Are you someone who normally wouldn’t think about experiencing something as challenging as the Camino. Maybe you aren’t a big independent traveller. Maybe you or your family is nervous about you going out alone and walking all the way across a foreign country. Do you have a disability or health issues that makes the Camino extra difficult? A Friend on the Camino will get you on amazing journey that is the Camino de Santiago.

Shaving Weight Off Your Pack

Let’s go through an imaginary back pack and see where shaving weight off can be done…

The first place we’ll find some weight to shave off is – the bag itself. Most packs weigh at least a kilo, some weigh over two. Mine weighs 850 grams. First of all, you don’t want to have a pack that’s got lots of extra room in it. That extra room means extra fabric and a heavier pack. It also means you’ll be tempted to buy souvenirs and other things along the way.

Hostel Review:Refuge Orisson

Orisson is legendary for the rudeness of it's owner, the difficulty of the booking system, and the outrageous prices of the food and accommodation (compared to other places along the way) - but you won't wake up to a more magnificent view anywhere else along the way....

Want some advice?

The Pathfinder Package is designed to give you all the best advice gleaned from many Caminos – not just a cocophany of voiceson a forum, but advice specifically tailored to you. Get your pack weight down to a reasonable level, learn some ‘Camino Spanish’, or just chat to us about your fears and excitement!

Join us on the Trail

Want a friend on the Camino? A little nervous about going alone?  I’ll put together a group of people and we’ll all do the first 5 days of the Camino together. I’ll help you out by booking any accommodation needed, getting Spanish SIM cards, helping with any transport, help with gear, and tips and tricks to last for the rest of the Camino.
Tara does a lot of research and knows the good places to stay and where to stop to eat. She was very helpful in organizing my gear — minimizing pack weight while still including everything I needed.

Having her help prepare me for the Camino made me feel fully ready to take on the adventure.


I will think of your coaxing me up that incline in Valcarlos if I ever get fearful. I’ve told that story of you at least 20 times to people. If you only knew how much you helped me for the rest..and now my 3rd camino. Thank you.😎 with all my heart if I never thanked you.

a friend on the camino

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