A Friend on the Camino

a helping hand on the camino frances

The Friend Package

You get personal assistance for the first 5 days of your trip, I book accommodation, find a way to get you to the beginning of the route, and accompany you for the first 5 days. Plus extra advice and personalized guidebooks for later on in the route. 

I am not a travel agent or a tour guide, but I do know that many people who want to experience ‘the pilgrimmage’ are worried about travelling alone without all accommodation booked and without a firm schedule.

Walking the Camino without a specific plan is one of the most important and freeing parts of the experience. It is also where the most important connections with other people are made. If you book your hotels all along the way, then you can’t adjust your speed if you meet a special person who walks more slowly than your schedule allows.  

What many people need is ‘a friend on the camino’. Someone who has done it before, who can help to arrange the details of getting there and getting started. Be there to help you find your feet, and then back off when you’ve got the hang of it and let you take off on your adventure!

6 feet are better than one!


The Friend package is free only for the May 1st, 2018 departure. 

Start off on the right foot.

I will accompany you and the rest of the ‘friends’ group for the first 5 days of the Camino. I’ll be solving problems as we go and pointing out good Camino ettiquette, and other tips and tricks.

Learn from a pilgrim

An individualized consultation over Skype or in person (everything in the Pathfinder Package)

Make friends before you go.

Access to a What’s App group of 5 other people coming with us along the route. This way you get a chance to get to know a few other pilgrims who will be walking along with you before you even set out.

Get there without hassle

Transportation booking from Biarritz, Bayonne, or Pamplona to St. Jean.  Help with advice on how to get from the airport you land at to the final leg of your journey into St. Jean.

Get a credential

Provide you with a Pilgrim’s passport (credential). The document thta allows you to stay in pilgrim albergues along the way.

Get a local phone

Arrange for a Spanish sim card and phone package so you can have access to telephone and internet all the way to Santiago

Learn the lingo

Book you a one hour Skype Spanish class with a qualified language teacher. The class curriculum is specially designed to prep you for the Camino. 

First few nights booked

Book your first 5 nights of accommodation: St. Jean, Orrison, Roncesvalles, Zubiri, and Pamplona.


The Friend package is free only for the May 1st, 2018 departure. 

a friend on the camino

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